If your asking yourself, "What is the Meta Experience," then you will find that out here. When you are done reading, please feel free to navigate the site for more information.

Thank you for all of those who have helped me produce this large amount of evidence, without you guys, this site would be a lot smaller.


     A Metahuman is someone who possesses one or more abilities that go beyond the normal realm of what we call "reality." But before you go and start thinking about the Television show "Heroes," take a step back and open your mind. There are people in this world who are born with the ability(ies) to do amazing things, and they could be living right next to you and you would never know it. Things like Empathy, Telepathy, Feral Aggression, and even Telekinesis.

     They are normal for the most part, except for the difference of having abilities. They are born different, and some even inherit this from one or both of their parents, or can even manifest this on their own. Think "Heroes" and "Smallville," only less theatrical. There are many sites now popping up about them, and even some community sites, some hosted by Ning.com, where these individuals gather to tell their stories and to share what they can do.

     If you think about it, is this really that hard to believe? Understand this, these abilities have been around for centuries. Look to one of the most historical books there are, the Bible, and in it contains several "God given" abilities or powers to to ordinary people to do wondrous things in the name of God. Healing, raising the dead, spirit talking, walking on water, super strength, all of these are found in the bible. Some refer to this as "Charisms"  and the Bible isn't the only religious text that have people who do extraordinary things either.

Modern Metas

     Today, science is trying to push the limits on human augmentation and stem cell research. There are those who even wish to evolve us to another level of superhuman capacity. But DNA is tricky, and we may soon find ourselves under the microscope. We live in an age where comic book heroes and Superhero movies reign supreme, so most who claim to be a metahuman are laughed at as posers and wannabes. So most of us keep it to ourselves, and only share it with our families and close friends. But there will come a day when we will walk among those not like us, and be accepted as different, that, or thrown into a cage like a lab rat. That move, though, depends totally on the rest of the world to decide.

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