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With all things considered, Even Metahumans have Limits and exceptions to their Ability(ies). Here are some collective writings on the two topics, some that I have written myself.

Limits And Weaknesses

Every person on the planet has a limit. Comparatively, everyone also has a weakness to their personality.  This can range from eating too much, to porn. Weaknesses have a wide range, and differs from person to person.

The same concept applies to People with abilities. While this is no different with regular people in terms to the mentioned above, the focus here in on the Limits and Weaknesses of the Abilities themselves.

Every ability has a weakness. If it cannot be classified as a weakness, that there may be a drawback or a side effect to using it. The point is there is no perfect ability, and the focus is to understand what your limit is and to not push that limit.

Exceptions With Your Abilities

As stated before, there is no perfect ability. However, there are exceptions with certain abilities, that don't have a drawback or side effect. There are two rules that, in theory, exist with abilities. They are The Rule Of Hiro, and The Rule Of Ted. Both of these rules refer to the show "Heroes."

Rule Of Hiro

This rule was written by me. It takes its reference from Season One of the show where Hiro Nakamura believes that he has lost his abilities until he finds the fabled sword of Kensei. It was only until a pep talk with his dad, did he realize that it wasn't the sword that brought his powers to him, but it was his own self confidence that was the key to regaining his abilities.

So the rule is that your abilities are only as powerful as you make them. The more confidence you have, the more passion, compassion, whatever the case may be, the stronger your abilities will become. On the other side, the less confidence you have, the weaker they seem to become. It's all about believing in yourself.

Rule Of Ted

This piece was written by Tracker. It also refers to a character in Season One of Heroes. Ted Sprauge, a Metahuman with the ability to control Radioactivity and Radiation as well as other aspects of that ability, inadvertently kills his wife due to the amount  of radiation he puts out. Yet Ted himself was immune to the deadly effects of this ability.

So Tracker's point was that some abilities give you a certain immunity to not only the side effects of that particular ability, but also any other ability that is similar to your own. Such things as one Telepath trying to read the mind of another Telepath, the theory is is that they would cancel each other out.

Yin And Yang

This next exception is more of a concept, rather than actual exception. Here is a part on the topic that was written by Tracker:

"Assuming that all things are equal and balanced (which possibly on a massive scale it is, so its really easy to assume so) everything must have an equal and opposite correlation. Somewhere in the universe is something that is the total reverse of what you are.


Cryokinesis and Pyrokinesis are opposites, so in a way they are the same: Thermokinesis, the manipulation of heat, either lowering or raising it. Umbrakinesis and Lumokinesis are the same, because shadow is just the lack of light. If a Lumokinetic can repel light or direct it away, they can create shadow."

This is the concept that for every ability you have, there is the possibility that there is an equal and opposite ability to match it. This makes sense, I will give an example: Nature itself is full of equal and opposite things. Where there is light, there is dark, where there is Good, there is Evil, where there is calm, there is Chaos.

Now I say that these are theories and possibilities, and not fact. Keep in mind that these are not only my opinions, but the opinions of other Metas as well.

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