The Original system was created by Tracker, you can view his blog here. I volunteered information to simplify this system, and the end result is this new system here.

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Ability Classification System

 The system itself is easy enough to understand, but putting it all together can be a little tricky. Further down, you'll be shown how to do it.

Part A: Class Level of Ability(ies).

With each ability a Meta may have, each one is scaled differently based on how much control he or she displays for that ability. So Jim, has extreme control over his Telepathy, but little control over his Clairvoyance. The Class Levels are as follows:

Class 0 - Uncontrollable

Class 1 - Very Weak

Class 2 - Weak

Class 3 - Average

Class 4 - Strong

Class 5 - Very Strong.

Part B: Ability Activation

This part is easier to understand than the other two parts, its the activation of your ability. There are four main ways that an ability works, they are:

Active - Which means the ability takes a focused will to activate it, it can also be triggered like anger or pain, but most times it is an act of concentration. Active is short for activated.

Passive - Which means the ability is always on, or you don't have to concentrate to use it, in other words, a lack of will to focus on it.

Reflexive - Which means an ability is used in a snap to either save someone, or in the heat of the moment like your car rolling away, or anything that causes you to react suddenly. Unlike active, this activation is based of your Reflexes, not a singular trigger.

Compulsory - An ability that randomly activates of its own volition. may also be activated by choice, but random occurrences are uncontrollable.

Now, this doesn't mean that your ability is limited to only one type of activation. Some abilities can use all four, it just depends on the ability and the person.

Part C: Ability Groups.

There are many abilities out there, just look at this LIST to see what I'm talking about. But most of them can be categorized into 7 groups. They are:

Empaths- For Empaths and all branches of the ability of Empathy.

Clairs- For any of the Clair abilities such as Clairvoyance, and Clairaudience.

Ferals- Not to be confused with Augmented abilities, these abilites tap into the feral part of our nature.

Psionics- Any ability to do with using the mind, such as Telepathy, and Telekinesis.

Elementals- Any ability to do with control or manipulation of the Elements, i.e. Pyrokinesis.

Augmented- Abilities that allow you to enhance one or multiple attributes and/or senses, such as strength, and agility.

Fundamentals- A lot can fit in this one. This can cover everything from Manipulation of Gravity to Probability Manipulation to simple truth from lie.

Part D: Putting It All Together

Okay, now you just put Parts A, B and C in one line. Here's an example. Take one of my abilities:

Class 4 Active/Passive Empath. I am a strong Empath, and normally my Empathy is on passive, but I have learned to actively use it. In other words I can turn it on and off. Which gives me the two activation groups.

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