Here are some common terms that are used within the community of Metahumans. Note, not all terms are used by everyone, and some of the terms mean one thing to person A, and another to person B. So use your  own judgment. 

Metahuman - A term used to identify a person with an ability/ies.

Specials - Synonymous with Metahumans.

Supers - Synonymous with Metahumans and Specials.

Watchers - Can mean multiple things, but refers to people who can see things others cannot, or find things others cannot.

Empath - A person who has any ability associated with Empathy.

Soulreaders - Another term for an Empath.

Clairs - A person that has any ability that is in the Clair group such as Clairvoyance or Clairsentience.

Listeners - A term used for someone with the ability Clairaudience.

Mental - can be used to describe anyone with a mental ability such as Telepathy, or Rapid Learning.

Otherkin - Sometimes used to describe a metahuman in Alt Societies. Can also refer to an inhuman spirit.

Augmentor - Referred to anyone who can Augment their physical attributes and/or senses.

Ferals - anyone with any ability in conjunction with Feral Mind and its branches.

Alt - A term used to classify people who live ALTernative  lifestyles such as being a modern Vampire, witch, warlock, lythancope and so on.

If you have a term not representative here, email me with the term as well as its meaning and purpose on the contact page.

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