Metahumans United - This is a community based website where Metahumans gather to discuss theories, ideas, and general social topics, as well as provide information for the less knowledgeable on the subject of abilities and its counterparts.

Real Super Powers - This website was the first I found about Metahumans and learned a lot here. Tread lightly though, because this site is known for its role players and trolls than actual Metahumans, still a good site to start with.

Abilities Among Us - Yet another site hosted by Yola, we Metahumans alone should keep this company afloat.

Real Life Superheroes - A nice piece on some people with unique abilities.

Psychic Powers and Abilities - some more video clips of some Metahumans, but a lot of these videos have people like Cris Angel in them, and the site says that a lot of these are fake, illusions, or magic tricks, so use your judgment to discern between them. 

The Diary of Tracker - Tracker, a very knowledgeable Metahuman, has made his own blog, it's sub title is "A Metahuman on the Run" 

Super Human Abilities - A good site to read up on.

QPsychics - A community website based on Metaphysics and Parapsychology research. It has some good topics and the research is quite interesting.

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