What is the Pull? Some have come to agree that it is a gravitational force that pulls one Metahuman to another. It is that bond you have with complete strangers that you later find out that they are special just like you. It's the pull you have to that person, being able to get them really fast, and become great friends over a short time. It is also an awareness of the bigger picture out there. The Pull is this and so much more, and there is no exact definition to it, it is more of a feeling, than an object.

 But that isn't the question I want to ask, my question is this; Why do we feel the pull in the first place? What makes us more aware of it, and susceptible to its lure?

 Well, here is my Theory on it.

 Human beings, and everything about their basic motor functions run on certain frequencies or waves. A normal person is usually in a set frequency, which is why most humans can't hear a dog whistle. Our body and mind isn't tuned for that frequency. This Image I created is a Projected recreation of what a normal Human wave looks like, and how it goes from person to person:

Most of the time, these unseen wave are identical to one another, its why why we can hear, see, speak and interact with one another. But what if Metahumans are not only on this wave length, but on another wavelength as well that only other with abilities have?


My theory is that we have this pull and feel it so strong around others like us because we also operate on another wavelength alongside the normal one. It acts as both a receiver and transmitter, and when someone who operates on the same wave length gets near, it goes off, and the energy that it creates sends flares off to your senses. I imagine that a Metahuman wave looks like this, very similar to Sonar:

So, putting them both together, the diagram would look something like this:

But the most important thing that has yet to be asked, is what exactly causes these waves to react to one another that causes people to explain as they do, otherwise known as the pull? Well, That will be explained Below.

 As stated,the new question now to ask is what exactly causes these waves to react to one another that causes people to explain as they do, otherwise known as the pull? Well I think I may have figured that part out as well, so here's my theory on it.

But before I go into that, lets first see an analogy of my theory in work:

Have you ever cooked a hot dog in the microwave? Im sure a lot of you have. But did you ever notice that if you stick one in there for 30 seconds, the ends of it split open. See Diagrams 1 and 2:


When the Waves of the Microwave hit the object, its energy, in this case, heat, get shot into the hot dog, which will absorb this energy, as a result, this will happen in 30seconds:


As the waves of energy get shot into the hot dog, its ends split from the pressure, there is nothing wrong with this, its the composition of thee dog that causes this.

Okay, now if you're with me so far, then you'll know whats coming next. Now what would happen if you were to put 2 hot dogs in the microwave for 30 seconds?


Just as before, the Microwaves send their energies to both the hot dogs, only this time, the end result is different.


Notice that this time, the energies from the microwaves gets distributed between the two like objects. They share the force, or pressure, and while they both expand, neither one has there ends split....Believe me, I got all of this from cooking hot dogs....

So on to my theory

This subject isn't something now, nor was it discovered by me, but I first realized this by
cooking something to eat. My theory states that we feel the pull to one another through a process called Transference Of Like Energies, Where two or more objects, or people of either the same shape, size, mass or Frequency Share the corresponding energies that surround them. So it's sort of like a sending and receiving of your energies to one another.

Now I want you to substitute the 2 hot dogs for 2 Metahumans and the microwave for anything and everything on

Earth and in our galaxy that transmits energy. Because we are on a different frequency, I believe that when we get closer to another Metahuman, that our second wavelength acts as an amplifier to each other, sharing the energy around you, sending it back and forth, which is a strange, but empowering feeling that people express sometimes in their explanation of the pull. So take this diagram, and what I project two Metahumans to look like
when they get near each other:


So this is what we could look like, which is invisible to the naked eye, when we get around each other. I feel that the reason for the pull is because our higher wavelength opens the door for us to transfer like energies, where as the normal wavelength isn't in tune enough to do this. This is the Pull.

This is my theory on the deal, I hope that you enjoyed reading this.

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