Here is a new list of Abilities that people have came forth with and asked me to add. I do not suggest that all of these are real, only that they be represented.

1. Feral Mind - The ability to assume the attributes, senses and instincts of an animal. This ability varies from one Meta to another, however, they all share a similar experience and end effect.

This quote is from a Metahuman, named Sir Kaye, who is also a Feral. He asked me to post this, and to not edit it:

"Feral Mind also known as Berserker Rage by Norse Mythology is a rare uncommon ability. But when it does manifest in the select few of Ancient European decent such as Norse or Anglo Saxon you will not know where you are and possibly what you have done. These "blackouts" occur during the first few months or years of Feral Manifestation and will only subside when you start to gain control over your inner Feral. As you grow and adapt to your everyday surroundings and lifestyle so will your Feral. Your Ferals overall final control will only gain certain attributes such as increased adrenaline induced speed or strength. But I give a warning, if you let the beast within take over you will regret your past and never live the future."

2. Lygokinesis - The ability to create energy balls and/or create or manipulate raw energy.

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