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The Information below holds many known abilities, but there are a few that have been discovered, and not found on the list. So I will post them HERE, separate from the original list to avoid plagiarism.

This list is easily found on the web today, it was written by a Mr. Ron Hubbard, and most of these abilities exist, but not all of them are possible, so use your best Judgment in reading these.

1. Anti-psi: defined as a rare psychic talent or ability that
(for the most part) serves to frustrate, avoid, confuse,
destroy or otherwise interfere with the operation of normal
psi in others

2. Apportation: a gift or phenomenon where matter-
through-matter is made possible by changing the phase
relationships in the materials involved.

3. Astral projection: the projection of the conscious mind
via the etheric double or energy body. This is what happens
during "out-of body" experiences (O.B.E.s).

4. Astralportation: the [physical] transportation of an
object by the astral or etheric body.

5. Bilocation: the ability or phenomenon of being in two
different places at the same. A possible form of astral

6. Biopsychokinesis: The ability to affect living organisms :
man, animals, plants, mushrooms, germs, etc. . Also known
as biokinesis or Bio-PK.

7. Cellular psychokinesis: the ability to psychokinetically
manipulate biological materials on the cellular, gene,
chromosome, and DNA levels. Also called Cyrillics.

8. Channeling: The ability to open one's self to
communication with deceased individuals or discarnate
entities by allowing such entities to enter their body and to
speak through it.

9. Clairaudience: the ability to hear voices that convey
useful information (not schizophrenia) to the subject; the
psychic faculty that corresponds with the physical sense of

10. Claircognizance: A psi ability where a person "just
knows" facts, and other information that would not be
normally known to them through other means including
such psychic means as precognition and clairvoyance.

11. Clairgustance: psychic faculty that corresponds with
the physical sense of taste.

12. Clairolfactance: psychic faculty that corresponds with
the physical sense of smell.

13 Clairsentience: psychic faculty for sensing energy and
conditions pertaining to communicating entities; the ability
to read auras. Also, the ability to see ghosts ("I see dead
people...") This is the ability associated with mediumship.

14 Clairtangency: psychic faculty that corresponds with
the physical sense of touch..

15. Clairvoyance: psychic faculty that corresponds with
the physical sense of sight..

16. - dream clairvoyance: clairvoyant images received in
or during dreaming.

17. - objective clairvoyance: the ability to "see" people,
events, that are taking place on spiritual planes or alternate

18. - reciprocal clairvoyance: during telepathic contact
over great distances the parties involved can see each other
as if they were face to face.

19. -subjective clairvoyance: the reception of images by
communicating entities while the subject is in a trance.

20. - telepathic clairvoyance: the reception of a visual
image from a telepathic sender.

21. - traveling clairvoyance: the ability to see events
taking place some distance away.

22. - X-ray clairvoyance: the ability to "see" through
solid objects.

23. Cryokinesis: The psi ability to cool or freeze things by
slowing down molecular action. See also Psychopyresis.

24. Dermo-optical perception: the ability to differentiate
colors and symbols through the skin; especially the

25. El-sike: (pronounced "el-see-kay") 1) The ability to
communicate with machine intelligences; 2) The ability to
access information directly from magnetic media and
computer systems- in essence, the linking of human
nervous system to "machine "nervous system."

26. Empathy: the general ability to sense the emotional
and physical states of others and perceiving them as one's
own feelings and sensations. Also the abilities to sense
other environmental factors such as changes in electrical,
magnetic, and gravitic fields, barometric pressure, changes
in temperature, and the ability to sense hostile psychic
environments as well as alien psychic presences.

27.- charisma: a peculiar side-aspect of empathy where a
sense of great charm, "presence," and trustworthiness is
projected by the empath.

28. - clairempathy: the ability to sense the emotional and
physical condition of others from a distance (see also
Empathy and Telempathy).

29. - telempathy: the ability to communicate by way of
emotions rather than thought as in telepathy (below);
communication with animals is usually telempathic in

30. Extraretinal vision: eyeless sight.

31. Extratemporal Perception: the ability to perceive
events that take place outside our normal space/time
continuum or in the time vortex itself.

32. Geas- ancient term that is used to describe a form of
telepathic hypnosis (see below) wherein some outside force
impels a person to perform a given act or task; such a
command cannot be ignored since both physical and
psychological stresses are involved that can cause severe
discomfort, even death, unless the command is acted upon.

33. lllusion: the ability to change the surface appearance
of reality by introducing a non-existent object into the
scene, or negatively, by making an existing object invisible.

34. Levitation: the ability to neutralize gravity locally
through psi processes in a controlled fashion, thus enabling
an object to rise. A form of telekinesis.

35. Mental Projection: the ability to project one's mind
any distance while keeping the integrity between mind and
physical body intact.

36. Namapathy: true psychic healing.

37. Nimpathy: a sharing of sensation; a community of
feeling. This is an actual transmission of physical sensation
and is not related to empathy or telesthesia (see below).

38. Parakinesis: the ability to locally neutralize inertia,
thus enabling a very small amount of force to produce a
disproportionate large amount of movement in an object.

39. Personation: the ability to take on the mental
characteristics and personality traits of others.

40. Personification: the ability to take on the physical
characteristics and features of others.

41. Precognition: the ability to see the future either while
awake or in dreams..

42. - multiple-future precognition: The ability to see not
only the future but also a number of probable future events
presented "side-by-side" like the pages in a book; the most
probable future will be the one most prominently outlined.

43. - precognitive telepathy: the ability to telepathically
"read" thoughts that have yet to have been generated. Or in
other words, knowing what a person will say before they
say or even think it.

44. - premonition: an indistinct "hunch" or feeling of
impending danger to ones self or others; the lowest degree
of precognition.

45. - presentiment: an indistinct feeling of danger to one's
self only.

46. Psycholuminescence: the ability to produce cold light
by a psi-to-light conversion process; such light is
sometimes called "witch light."

47 Psychometry: the ability to, and technique for,
gathering information on people and events by touching
some object that was present at the time.

48. Psychopyresis: the ability to start and/or control fires
as well as the ability to produce heat.

49. Radiesthesia: the ability to locate water, minerals, etc.
from a distance; dowsing.

50. - tracking/homing gift. A variant of radiesthesia and
is 1) the somewhat rare ability to track virtually anything,
and; 2) the ability to find one's way back to a given starting
point no matter how shifting or confusing the route may be.
Also known as THG.

51. Retrocognition: the ability to perceive or see events
that have taken place in the past.

52. Retrocognitive telepathy: the ability to pickup thoughts
generated in the past.

53 Storm control: the ability to 1) convert the planetary
magnetic field into high tension electricity or lightning,
and; 2) the ability to influence those factors that create
[electrical] storms. This a variant of telekinesis.

54. . - electro-psychokinesis (EPK): a peculiar variant of
telekinesis where street lights, [electrical] clocks,
computers, and any /or all electrical and electro-
mechanical appliances are affected.

55. - S.L.I. (Street Light Interference): a variant of
EPK where street lights and some fluorescent bulbs
dim, glow brighter, or die whenever a person with this
ability walks, or even drives, by them.

56. Telekinesis: defined as the ability to move objects or affect
matter from a distance; mind-over-matter. Also known as TK and
psycho-kinesis (PK). See also biopsychokinesis, cryokinesis,
psychopyresis, electro-psychokinesis (EPK), and storm control.

57. - Jinx ability: an aspect of telekinesis that negatively
affects the "laws" of probability so that things go wrong,
the strangest and most unlikely things happen, etc. Usually
this a subconscious aspect of telekinesis.

58. Telepathy: mind-to-mind communication; mind

59. - catalyst telepathy: the ability to awaken latent and/or
dormant psychic abilities in others.

60 - forced rapport: the ability to force open the shields
and minds of others-- even that of non-telepaths-- to
probing telepathic inspection and / or to force whatever
thoughts and feelings the telepath wants the other to
experience. This is akin to telepathic rape.

61. - lethal forced rapport: an even more rare variant of
telepathy and forced rapport is the ability to kill with a
single thought.

62. - oneiromancy: the telepathic ability to enter into
another person's dreams and alter their content or even
affect the health of the person through their dreams.

63. - touch telepathy, a limited form of telepathy
accomplished through physical touch; e.g. the famous
"Vulcan mind-meld."

64. - xenotelepathy: the ability to understand foreign
thoughts, alien symbols; not to be confused with
xenoglossy (see below).

65. Telepathic hypnosis: the ability to control and
manipulate others telepathically.

66. - command voice: a rare form of telepathic hypnosis
where psi is superimposed upon verbal commands and

67. - ocular hypnosis: a variant of telepathic hypnosis
where psi commands are generated along the optic nerves
and through the eyes

68. Teleportation: the transition of a person or object from
one place to another via a jump through Riemann space and
is therefore instantaneous.

69. Telesthesia: the telepathic/empathic transmission of
such sensations as fear, sensuality, etc. onto somebody else.

70. Time search: the practice of astrally projecting one's
consciousness to a level, or dimensional plane, where past
time can take on an objective reality to such a traveler.

71. Time shift: the rare ability to control the flow of time;
the ability to travel (shift) through time.

72 Time stasis: the rare ability to stop all motion on the
molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels without any loss
of heat; hence, a complete temporary stasis of time.

73. Transfiguration: the rare ability to change the external
shape of matter; shape-shifting such as a human becoming a
wolf or other animal, or any other object or thing of similar

74 Transmutation: the very rare ability to re-arrange the
atomic and/or molecular structure of matter to change one
material or element into another.

75. Xenoglossy: the ability to speak and/or understand any
language; known as the "gift of tongues." Not to be
confused with xenotelepathy.


The empathic scale runs from 1 to 10 and breaks
down as follows:

1.00-- This is all the empathy of a brick or of a total
sociopath; zero empathy.

1.5 to 3.0- Low to moderate empathy; the empathy
of most normal people possessing sensitivity to the feelings
of others. Borderline psi empathy.

3.5 to 6.0- Limited psi awareness of other's feelings;
limited ability to communicate with animals and to sense
the feelings of others from a limited distance. Some
physical sensitivity to one's environment.

7.0 to 9.5- advanced psi awareness of others thoughts and
feelings of others; the ability to communicate fully with
animals; the ability to sense the emotions of others from a
distance (including, but not limited to, being able to get
impressions of others from photographs and other non-
personal contact); physical hypersensitivity to electrical,
magnetic, barometric, and other environmental factors.

10.00 - Total ability to empathize with others, including
(but not limited to) assuming the physical injuries, wounds,
and illnesses of others. One is more likely to encounter a
sociopath with absolutely no empathy than someone with
total empathy.


This appendix contains a lexicon of frequently used
or slang terms relating to ESP and psi phenomena, people,

Apport - Any object or thing that appears from out of
nowhere. See Geisting and also Apportation .

Catalyst Telepath - A person with the abate to unlock the
psi abilities of others using catalyst telepathy e.g. the Greek
mystic, George Ivanovitch Gurdjieff.

Dèja Vu - The unnatural feeling that one has been at a
place before; a possible side effect of precognition or
premonition; posibly the result of a momentary temporal

Dream Hacker - Slang name for somebody with the gift
of oneirmancy.

Empath- A person with a strong degree or a high level of
empathy, clairempathy, telempathy, or all of them together.

Esper- Generic name for any person with ESP or Psi
abilities. See also psi.

Geisting- Slang term used among telekinetics for
unconscious and uncontrolled telekinetic activity resulting
in things being moved from their original location,
appearing, and disappearing;. sometimes never coming
back. See also Apportation and Apports.

Granny Magic- Colloquial name for some sorts of psi
abilities and activities in parts of rural America.

Glamour- Old-fashioned name for any kind of illusion
applied to make a person seem invisible to others or to
make a person look like somebody else.

Head-blind- Slang term sometimes used by espers and
psis for those people who have no psi abilities. See also

Howler- Slang name for a person with the gift of anti-psi.

Jump- Slang term for a controlled teleportational shift
from one place to another. See also warp.

Jumper - Slang name for someone who can teleport his or
herself from one place to another either through, subspace,
hyperspace, or even a Riemann universe.

Laran- Alternate word for psi / E.S.P. coined by author
Marion Zimmer Bradley in her Darkover novels.

Latent telepath- Someone who has telepathic abilities
but who is not aware of them or can consciously use them.

Norms- The slang term used by espers and psis for those
people who do not have any psi abilities.

Old Race- Another species of man, for lack of a better
scientific name, Homo Arcanus, currently existing along
side of and with Homo Sapiens; any member of H. Arcanus.
Such people are gifted through genetic inheritance with psi
and/or some supernatural abilities as well as greater longevity,
greater recuperative abilities, sharper physical senses,
etc than than their Homo Sapiens cousins.

Oneirmancer-- Someone who possesses and uses the gift of

Prèja Vu - The opposite of deja vu: the preternatural
feeling that a person will be at a certain place at some future

Psi- This word can either mean the unique energy involved
with all psychic phenomena, but it also is the descriptive
general term for a person with any psychic abilities. This term
is often interchangeable with esper.

Psion- An occasionally used, although not very popular,
alternate name for a psi or an esper. See above.

Psychic- This word mostly denotes a person who may or may
not have any psi abilities but, usually for money, makes
predictions, does "psychic" surgery, tells people about their past
lives, etc.

This word can also be used loosely to describe any renowned
person of considerable psi ability such as the renowned psychic
Wolf Messing or Sylvia Browne. Any person with exceptionally
strong ESP or psi abilities.

Pusher- Slang name for any one possessing the gift of
telepathic hypnosis, e.g. the Russian psychic Wolf Messing.

Scanner- Slang name for a person with a wide range of
strong psi abilities: telepathy, clairvoyance, telekinesis,
etc. Also, any person capable of psionically scanning another.

Scanning-- 1). A loose term for the use of any psi ability to
get information on another person. 2). Specifically, a
telepathic technique used to get information deep from the
mind of another.

Seer- Generic term for someone with the gift(s) of
prophecy (precognition), clairvoyance, and/or extra
temporal perception. And to a lesser extent,

SLIder- A person with Street Light Interference.

Snoop- (Or also "snooper"). Slang name for a person with
the gift of clairvoyance or any general sense of
perception; a seer. Also slang name for a telepath.

Teek- Slang name for a person with telekinetic abilities;
a telekineticist.

Teep- Slang name for a person with telepathic abilities; a

Telepath- A person with strong telepathic abilities. In
this context, it is a person who not only has the abilities but
is also are aware of them and can use them to varying

Warp- Slang term for when an item or object disappears
due to uncontrolled teleportation it is considered to be
"warped away." or it has "warped out."

Wild Talents- Military slang for psi abilities, supposedly
coined by sci-fi author, Jack Vance, but the term had been
used by Charles Fort and possibly others long before Vance.
Wild talent is also a generic name for any psi or paranormal
ability that has no particular name of its own such as the
ability to have non-magnetic items stick to one's skin as if
the skin was a magnet or the ability to read the music on a
vinyl record by merely looking at the grooves in the record.

Witch- A word used to describe people (usually women),
who practice witchcraft. Also, generally, a derogatory term
for anyone who has certain psi or supernatural abilities.

{Note: in this context, witchcraft is defined as the practice
of manipulating people, the world, etc. by the use of spells
and other practices. This is not "Wicca,"- a religious
belief-system- but a technique, a discipline, and a science
for utilizing psi as well as other paranormal and/or
supernatural forces. It should be noted that many of the
people who "practice witchcraft" really have no clue as to
what is involved in witchcraft or the mechanisms


Research with EEG equipment on psis and espers has
shown that certain brainwave frequencies-- usually found in
the temporal lobes of the brain-- are associated with certain
psionic abilities:

4.00 Hz (theta)-- Telepathy

6.30 Hz (theta)-- Astral & Mental projection

7.00 Hz (theta)-- Telekinesis and it's variants

8.30 Hz (alpha)-- Clairvoyance & Precognition

20.0 Hz (beta)-- Telepathic hynosis and variants

It is currently not possible to determine what frequencies are
associated with each of the seventy-plus known psi abilities
but presumably, the frequencies above also apply to the
variants of these abilities. For example, if 7 Hz is associated
with telekinesis, it should also be found in people who
display the related gifts of EPK,storm control, psychopyresis,
etc; if 4 Hz theta is linked with telepathy, then it will probably
be found in people with catalyst telepathy or xenotelepathy as well.


Author and telepath James H. Schmitz in his book, The
Universe Against Her, defines three classes of psis, which
can usefully apply to real-world espers. Note that Schmitz
was himself a telepath in real-life.

1. The Class I psi: these are people with very limited psi
abilities; no more than one or two gifts, and with little or
no conscious control over them.

2. Class II psis have several different psi abilities; an
awareness of those abilities and some degree of control.

3. The Class III psis are called Unpredictables and can have
several, even many different psi abilities that can grow,
change, or disappear entirely, all... unpredictably.
NOTE: This list is free to anyone who wants to use it as
long as all due credit is given to its author- me, Orion E.
"Ron" Hubbard.

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